Fresh dough lies at the heart of our childhood memories of taste. In Folegandros, the dough used to be traditionally rolled out with a wooden stick call the “matsa”, making the "matsata", local pasta famous all over Greece.

In Zimaraki, which means “little dough”,we relive the warmth of island tradition and shape it in new forms and tastes. Every night, we take a trip all the way from our rural roots to modern high gastronomy, with our Executive Chef as our guide. Our starting point is always fresh, handmade dough, lovingly prepared.

Fusili, papardelle, rigatoni and spaghetti, all fresh and produced every day in Zimaraki, are married with a variety of creative sauces. The handmade dough, which is in no rush to mature, gives its distinct aroma and flavour to our authentic Italian pizza. Many more dishes have our island tradition as their starting point, while at the same time toying with modernity.

Zimaraki is located at the entrance of Chora, where the cobbled stone path meets a balcony overlooking Panagia Folegandrou and the colours of the sunset. Here, we relive the tradition of the island, while engaging in new creations of taste.

Let’s embark on this culinary journey together!